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Constantine Wright
b. 07/20/1802
Birth Place: Meadows, MD, Dorchester County
d. 1870
Died when his son was 2.
His Aunt Lot and Uncle Sam Buckley raised him.
Lewis Richard Wright
b. 06/17/1859
m. ?
Edward Everett Wright
b. 06/04/1864
Mary Ellen Eaton
d. 1875
Mary Ellen and her father took a trip out
West in a covered wagon when she was a
little girl. She became an orphan and
was adopted by a Quaker couple, Mr. and
Mrs. Poole. A tract of land was left
to her by her adoptive parents located
between Federalsburg and Preston, MD.
Anna Eliza Wright
b. 06/12/1864
Sarah Jane Wright (Jennie)
b. 04/13/1866
Charles Jefferson Wright
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