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Sarah Furnis
b. 12/20/1665
d. 1716
Death Place: Cedar Creek Hd., Sussex Co., DE
William Bennett
b. 11/25/1684
m. 02/06/1683
Manokin, MD
William Brereton, Justice of the Peace
Ann Bennett
b. 04/16/1687
John Bennett
b. 1655
Occupation: Farmer / Landowner
Came from Manokin, Somerset County, MD to Cedar Creek Hundred, Sussex County, DE about 1700.

#1.: Hill, J. Bennett, "The Bennett Family of Sussex County, Delaware, 1680 - 1860", Milford, DE, Milford Chronicle Publishing Co., 1970
John Bennett
b. 06/24/1689
d. 1726
#2:, Hill, J. Bennett, op. cit.
Sarah Bennett
b. 08/20/1691
Thomas Bennett
b. 05/05/1694
Hannah Bennett
b. 10/20/1697
Stephen Bennett
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