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George Shockley
b. 1788
Birth Place: Cedar Creek Hundred
d. 08/07/1827
#36:, Hill, J. Bennett, op. cit.
Lemuel W. Shockley
b. 1815
Sold his interest in his inherited land to his uncle, Lemuel B. Shockley ca. 1839.
1850 Census shows him as ship carpenter in South Milford, DE, age 35, with Susan, 32, Frances Ann, 10, Elizabeth, 5, and Bersheaba, 1.
m. 1814
Susan C. Shockley
Born after 1818.
Bersheaba Shockley
Died before April 14, 1831.
William Shockley
Born after 1818.
Elizabeth Shockley
Born after 1818.