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Elizabeth Warren
b. 1765
Will was probated April 2, 1846

#16:, Hill, J. Bennett, op. cit.
Sarah Shockley
b. 1787
d. 10/??/1844
Married Leonard Adkins, b. 1778, d. 4/28/1826.
Several children.
Residence, Milford, Kent Co., DE
Buried, Old Methodist Cemetary, Milford, DE.
m. 1785
George Shockley
Marriage &
William Shockley
b. 1756
d. 1824
On August 19, 1794, purchased from his father and others, 131 acres in Sussex County being "part of a tract of land known by the name of 'Grubby Plain'", and adjoining William's (sr.) land.

In 1810 he was one of the founder members of the Slaughter Neck M. E. Church and was elected to its first board of trustees.
Amelia Shockley
b. 03/10/1790
d. 03/18/1816
Married Nehemiah Loftland (second of three wives), Jan. 4, 1810
Four children.
Lemuel B. Shockley
Marriage &
Lydia Shockley
b. 1795
Died between 1816 and 1823.
Married William Draper, at least one child.
Kendall Shockley
b. 1798
Died before 1823.
Eliza W. Shockley
b. 1800
d. 1825
Married Henry Davis, May 5, 1824.
One child died in infancy.
Elias Shockley
b. 1802
Died before 1823.
Keturah Shockley
William Shockley
b. 09/17/1806
Birth Place: The mansion farm, Cedar Creek Hundred
d. 12/30/1863
Married (#25.) Elizabeth Bennett, 10/11/1826.
Two Children.
#39:, Hill, J. Bennett, op. cit.