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Henry Leathem
b. 1812
Birth Place: Delaware
d. 12/25/1876
Occupation: Post & Railer (1870 Census)
Death date from Leathem Bible
Information About Henry Leathem
Ruth Ann Leathem
b. 1850
d. 02/06/1930
m. 10/30/1851
Smyrna, DE
William T. Leathem
Elizabeth Ann Holstein
b. 04/??/1830
Birth Place: Delaware
Data from 1880 Census, Masseys, Kent, MD:
Widowed, Head of Household, age 45??
Others in Household: James, age 22, Enoch, age20, John, age 18, Sallie, age 16, Charles, age 11
Data from 1900 Census, Millington, Kent, MD:
Living with son "John" (See Robert J.).
See 1900 Census Record
James H. Leathem
Marriage &
Enoch G. Leathrum
Robert J. Leathem
John Leathem
Sarah E. Leathem
b. 1864
Charles D. Leathem
b. 1867