Grover Ambros Baker


Registered for Selective Service in 1942 as a part of the “old men’s registration”.  At that time, he lived on Courthouse Point Rd., Chesapeake City, MD and worked for Mr. Jacob Allen of Chesapeake City.  His closest relative was Mrs. Fred Baker, Sr. (Lydia) of Middletown, DE.


Grover served in the Delaware National Guard as a wagon driver during the campaigns along the Mexican border beginning in 1915.  In 1917, he served in France during World War One.


When a ferry replaced the damaged bridge across the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal at Chesapeake City in 1942, Grover worked for the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers as the North Side ferry slip gate keeper.  He lived until his death in Chesapeake City with his garden adjacent to the old north ferry slip.  His vegetables and grape arbors were notorious.


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